Available DOGS

This is a series of photos of the animals currently looking for their new and permanent homes.  Please CONTACT US (by PHONE or EMAIL) for the latest up-to-date information.

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Stanley, male Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier X, 18 months old,25 lbs

This is a super-sweet, affectionate little dog. He is good with cats and with well-socialized dogs.

He has enjoyed playing with the year old young dog in his foster home.
His youthful exuberance may tend to irritate less tolerant dogs,
especially males. Stanley will do well in an energetic family where he will get lots of attention and exercise.

A well-fenced yard will allow Stanley to play and get exercise while not
giving him a chance to follow his part-beagle nose.

Very young children make Stanley nervous and stressed, but responsible
older children (10 years and over) will have a great companion and he
loves all other humans.

The adoption fee for Stanley is $300. He has been neutered and his
vaccinations are up to date

For more information or to inquire about adopting Stanley, please email
Home Again at info@homeagainbancroft.ca or call us at 613 332 5253.

We do not ship our dogs.


Zeus,male English Bull Dog, 8 years old, 66 lbs.

Zeus is a pure bred Bull Dog, ( he has his papers), who has always been
well-loved. He has just turned 8 years of age. He has been micro chipped.

Zeus is good with people  but probably should not be in a home with
small children.  He is set in his ways!

His foster Mom finds him good with cats and with other dogs.  She describes him as a “very nice fella with good manners and he loves
his walks.” Zeus originally came from a home with other dogs and he misses them.

The adoption fee for Zeus is $300.  He has been neutered and his
vaccinations are up to date.

For more information, or to inquire about adopting Zeus, please email
Home Again at info@homeagainbancroft.ca or call us at 613 332 5253.

We do not ship our dogs.


Monty. Male Boston Bull Dog, 4 years old, 28 lbs

This sweet little boy is looking for a patient, loving home.

He came to us as a very nervous dog  who was very skittish around new people and in new situations. In just a few weeks he is showing us that he can warm up to new people.

Monty loves his foster Mom and her daughter. He follows them around wherever they go. He has visited their friend and quickly warmed up to her and even to her friendly little dog.

Monty would like a quiet life. He should not be in a home with young children, but he might enjoy the company of a small, calm dog.

If you love this breed and think that you could give Monty the home that he deserves and needs, we would love to hear from you.

The adoption fee for Monty is $350.

Monty has been neutered and his vaccinations are up to date.

For more information or to inquire about adopting Monty, please email Home Again at info@homeagainbancroft.ca or call us at 613 332 5253.

We do not ship our dogs.


Mojo. Male Bassett, 8 years old, 55lbs

If you think of a Bassett as being, calm, friendly, good with children and with other dogs…and probably “pleasantly stubborn” at times, then that sounds like our Mojo.

Mojo came to Home Again because his owner had to go into a nursing home.

Now we are hoping to find him a loving home where the breed is loved and understood.

If that sounds like you, then we would love to hear from you.

The adoption fee for Mojo is $300.

Mojo has been neutered and his vaccinations are up to date.

For more information, or to inquire about adopting Mojo, please email Home Again at info@homeagainbancroft.ca or call us at 613 332 5253.

We do not ship our dogs.

Membership Only $10

Thank you everyone for your support. We could not do this important work without your help. An easy way to help, while aligning your sympathies with animal welfare, is to renew your annual membership commencing March 2017 at $10.

[1] You can give a Home Again volunteer $10 at Pet Valu any Saturday 10-3pm, or

[2] mail a cheque payable to “Home Again”, RR 1, L’Amable, ON K0L 2A0, or

[3] charge $10 on your credit card via PayPal right here at our website using the DONATE button. Your membership card will be mailed to you.

ALSO.. We can receive your $10 and hand you a membership card at our annual bake sale Saturday April 8, 10-4, at 580 Club in Millennium Park on Hastings Street in Bancroft. By the way, you will find delicious home-baked goodies to buy at that sale and it is another way to support your favourite charity. See you April 8!!

Available CATS

All these cats came to Home Again as abandoned strays. They are all up to date with their vaccinations and have all been spayed or neutered.

We ask an adoption fee of $90 for an adult cat.

For INQUIRIES, please » CALL us, or use EMAIL.

Precious, Female, 7 years old, Orange & White Tabby, Munchkin

Precious is a very over weight munchkin that need to be the only cat because she can’t control herself to stop eating. Precious is a big lap cat that loves lots of attention.

Bonnie, female, 2 years old, black short hair.

Bonnie needs special compassion.  A blow to the head caused brain damage, so she spins in circles when she is excited, eats one half of the food in her bowl, and drinks with one side of her mouth.  Bonnie requires no medicine.  She is a very playful cat, very loving and good with other cats.

Mindy, female, 2.5 years old, black and white short hair.

Mindy is a special needs cat. Home Again rescued her when she was 4 weeks old. Mindy has neurological problems — she has problems with her legs and head — she wobbles and bobs her head.  She cannot manage stairs, so her litter box cannot be on a different level.  But she doesn’t know she has a problem because she plays and plays, and hops instead of running.  She chases the other cats in her home (she never catches them!) and loves the two dogs she lives with.  Mindy is a joy to her foster mama, and she requires no medication.

Mama.  She is black, short haired, about 1.5 years old, yellow eyes.

She is a very lovable cat, loves affection but is a bit skittish when approached.

Sunny, male, 4 years old, orange medium length hair.

Sunny lives in harmony with other cats, and with a dog.  Sunny and Thyme are brothers.

Thyme, male, 4 years old, brown and white medium length hair.

Thyme lives in harmony with other cats, and with a dog.  Thyme and Sunny are brothers.

Ocho, male, 4 years old, orange tabby, short hair.

Ocho lives in harmony with other cats, and with a dog.


Here are our youngest cats..

Peaches, female, pale orange and white short hair, born Sept. 2016.

Peaches is calm, happy, and playful with her many housemates — cats and dogs.

Ferrari, female, black with a spot of white on chest, short hair, born Nov. 2016.

Ferrari follows her foster mother everywhere, especially in the kitchen where she gives advice about meal preparation.  She talks, and talks, and purrs.

Ocean, female cream and brown domestic short hair tabby, born May 2016.

Timid but loving.  Take me home please!

For INQUIRIES, please » CALL us, or use EMAIL.


Maverick, Male Siberian Husky, 8 years old, 57 lbs

A colleague who owns and loves huskies, describes Maverick as “a winner.”
This beautiful, blue-eyed boy is calm and well behaved. He is great on leash.

The children in his neighbourhood love him and we feel that he could do well in a home with older, responsible children.

Maverick does not care for small dogs or cats. Many dogs in the Spitz family seem to share this trait. Maverick had lived for many years with a slightly older, female husky, and since she died it has taken him a while to grow accustomed to being an only dog.

His owners, who love him, are finding that their work schedules do not leave them enough time to give Maverick the attention and exercise that he needs…especially as he no longer has his female companion to keep him company.

They have made the responsible and caring decision to ask Home Again to try to find Maverick the “husky home” that will best suit his needs.

The adoption fee for Maverick is $300.  He has been neutered and his vaccinations are up to date.

If you know and love huskies we will be pleased to hear from you.

For more information, or to inquire about adopting Maverick, please email Home Again at info@homeagainbancroft.ca or call us at 613 332 5253.

We do not ship our dogs.

Happy Tales: Bowie/ now Beau

Bowie adult

At the 24th of May 2016 weekend, Home Again acquired a litter of 9 puppies.  Barb Sawdon fostered 6 of them.  Here is a comment from the new owner of puppy ‘Bowie’ now named Beau:

“Just wanted to say thank you so much to Home Again for giving my family this wonderful dog❤ he’s growing into such a sweet and snuggly boy, we couldn’t love him more!”   — Abbey Harford.

Bowie baby
Bowie lover

Happy Tales: Foster Dogs

“I would like to wish my Home Again family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Without you I would never have had the chance to foster these beautiful Furkids … If you have never fostered you really don’t know what you are missing.  My foster dog number:) 20 is a secret until he is ready for adoption.” — Barb Sawdon

Foster Dogs

Happy Tales: Howard



Cindy Fuerth of Coe Hill fostered Howard and subsequently adopted him. He helps on the farm. Cindy says,

“We love him — he goes everywhere we do, has been on many vacations, he also helps keep goats in while we are feeding. Howard never leaves property or messes in the house. Thank you Home Again!”

Happy Tales: Dog Companionship

The Beauregard family hikes, swims, surfs and snow skis together and include their black lab Eddie.

When they wanted a companion for Eddie, they chose Home Again puppy Domino, a blue tick/lab cross and adopted him at 9 weeks old. He is re-named Louie and his owner says:

“Just wanted to update you on Louie. He is an amazing little man, he makes us laugh and loves wrestling with his big brother Eddie!! We take him to the beach; he is getting more interested in the water. We hope he loves to swim one day. We have had a great summer so far, super HOT!!!”  – Colleen Beauregard, Port Elgin, August 2016



Louie is keeping busy and happy. The volunteers at Home Again thank the Beauregards for giving a good home to our puppy.


Louie at 4 months old. Keeping cool with his new companion Eddie.

Happy Tales: Bella


French bulldog Willow was surrendered to Home Again by a breeder, along with Willow’s infant puppy Carter.  Willow was in foster care for only two weeks when Julia adopted her and she says:

“Hello everyone!  One year ago today (March 15, 2015) we adopted the most beautiful, funny, loving and entertaining dog you could ever ask for, Bella (formerly known as Willow). To say we got lucky is a huge understatement because she is literally the best dog we could ever ask for and brings us so much joy. Thank you for choosing us as her parents. We love her so much. I can assure you she is living a happy and very spoiled life.”  — Julia Ferreira

Happy Tales: Kona


Two Australian Shepherds were surrendered by owner to Home Again at two months old in November 2015. Both were adopted after only two weeks fostering by Home Again. Bella’s new owner says this:

“Kona (formerly Bella) is such a special girl. Here she is at five months old, romping in the snow. Looks like she’ll be a medium sized dog. She is house trained, knows sit, lie down, paw, high five, twirl, and stay. She won’t take a toy or food from my hand until I say ‘okay’. She loves to run and explore in the woods and is the absolute perfect fit for my family. We love her to bits. Also, I teach music lessons from home and she greets every student, and then lies down in her bed like a perfect lady.”

Happy Tales: Sprocket


Sprocket was adopted December 2015 and her new owner says: “Sprocket has adapted quickly to her new home in Ottawa. Bruno is delighted with his new “sister” – running together, wrestling and playing tug. Sprocket has also made friends with all of Bruno’s pals at the off-leash dog park. Thank you Home Again for this wonderful addition to my family – we love our happy girl!  …Dawn – Ottawa”

Bearded Collie Sprocket and her new ‘brother’. Home Again loves to see its pets paired up.


Happy Tales: Barley


French bull dog Barley (formerly Carter) was adopted from Home Again April 6 2015 when he was a puppy.

Foster Barb Sawdon says,

“I was so blessed to foster this sweet baby boy. He just turned one year old and had a party in the park. This picture includes his best friend. LOL… He prefers bigger dogs over small ones.”

Fund Raising

Home Again spends hundreds of dollars on a pet, but charges an adoption fee averaging $350 for a dog. Where do we make up the difference? A dozen fundraising events every year, including this one “Christmas in the Highlands” in Maynooth November 2015, where we sold calendars, raffle tickets and hand-made crafts. It is a social event too where bonds are built and renewed between the community and its animals.


Happy Tales: Heidi

We’ve had Friday, now named Heidi, for almost two years now and she is the most amazing little girl.

She is my shadow and if I’m out of her sight for more than five seconds she comes and finds me.

She is so loving, cuddly and always by my side.  She does hog the bed sometimes because she needs to be close to me. I could not imagine my life without her.

She is such a joy every day and we love her so much.

Thanks again for bringing her into our hearts. A new picture of us relaxing on the couch. (signed, Nanci Johnson, Sept. 20, 2015)

Happy Tales: Waldo

Fostering is so gratifying, especially when there is positive feedback….

Dog foster Mary Freeman says, “I was privileged to foster this trio, the most beautiful litter I have ever seen.”  Waldo is far right, 7 weeks old.


Two years later, Waldo’s owners say:


“In September of 2013, we were on a search for the perfect companion dog, knowing our apartment would be a temporary home for all three of us. We spent two months searching, until Michael stumbled upon thWaldoe Home Again website and we found a litter of puppies available. We drove two hours to find two of the CUTEST puppies we had ever seen, and there was Waldo.

We had a sleepless night the first night, because the little guy missed his sister, but from then on was smooth sailing.

We’ve had two amazing years with our little guy, and take him everywhere! He even has his own Instagram page! (@whereswaldothedog).

For being such a little dog, he has had quite the adventure of a life so far, from cottages to moving into his first home with a back yard!  Waldo is more than we could ever have aWaldosked for in a dog, and Home Again and their foster homes are wonderful. We have included some pictures of some of his adventures!

Thank you again for helping us give this little guy a home!” (signed, Melissa Champagne)

[Pictured here: Waldo at two years old, enjoying the cottage life]


Happy Tale: Amber

Spring 2015 Home Again received a call from two ladies in Bancroft who were trying to keep a stray cat near Mr. Video alive by feeding her tunafish.

Since Cat was so skittish – feral! – they could not touch her and did not know the sex.  Long-haired, orange, matted, Cat was covered with sores.  Home Again’s secretary put out this question by email and on Facebook, “who is up for the challenge of fostering a feral cat?  I expected no takers — no one wants a cat who runs away from you!”  Home Again can take a stray cat into its quarantine room, but only if a foster is willing to take the cat after 10 days quarantine.

Melinda Ratcliffe, cat foster, volunteered.   Many people on Facebook say stray cats make the best pets. Is that because they are grateful for being rescued?

Amber had to be shaved because of matts. She turned into a gentle loving purring pet, not feral at all. She is definitely grateful to be rescued!

Amber, after rescue. Her long hair will grow back.

Happy Tale: Therapy Dog

Milo, now named Henry, adopted a year ago from Home Again by Candice, is pictured here because “He is now a certified St. John Ambulance therapy dog.

We do weekly visits at a long term care facility in our neighborhood,” says Candice.

Congratulations Henry and thank you Candice for keeping us informed. Home Again adoptees are smart and valuable to society.

Henry Milo

Home Again participates in a Trap-Neuter-Return program for cats

In March 2015 Home Again financed a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for feral cats.

One un-spayed female cat and one un-neutered male cat and their offspring can result in 420,000 kittens in 7 years.  A population explosion is not good for the Bancroft area where there are already too many unwanted cats.

So Home Again spent a lot of money and many caring people devoted their time to live trapping the cats who were then vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

They recuperated at a Home Again volunteer’s home, and released where they were found.  The program reduces the colony’s size humanely while allowing the cats to live the life they want, the life they were born into.

Home Again Organization Expands

Since there is no Home Again shelter, all pets must be taken into a foster home.  Often that home already contains other pets and children who are put at risk by taking in a stray cat whose health problems are unknown.

Quarantine Room1To solve this problem, Home Again has built a quarantine room.  All stray cats will first go to the quarantine room for 7-10 days observation, treatment if necessary, then into their foster home.

This is not a cat shelter – space will be made for cats who have foster homes ready to take them after their quarantine period.  Quarantine Room

All the labour to build this shelter was donated – carpenters and electricians.

Home Again volunteers researched the best (cheapest) place to buy materials and fittings, many of which were donated.


Home Again Santa Claus Parade 2014

Here is Home Again’s float in Bancroft’s 2014 Santa Claus Parade. All the Home Again dogs who accompanied the float behaved beautifully.


Patty McLaughlin (left) holding Lulu, Katie Gavrylec in dog costume, June Ockenden in cat costume, and Melody Gavrylec.


Joan Phillips walking with Home Again’s Peri, a Papillon.


Christine Walker, far right, showcasing Home Again’s Bailey, a Great Pyrenees cross.